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Bidsadvisory19-MAR-2014  14-Q-3272

News10-APR-2014  BAA 14-Q-3272 Adding Two Additional Requirements
CTTSO’s Board Agency Announcement (BAA 14-Q-3272) has been amended in order to extend the closing day and to add two (2) additional requirements, R3881 and R3882, under Tactical Operations Support (TOS).

The new closing date is no later than 1500 Eastern Time on 2 May 2014.

News04-MAR-2013  Reminder Regarding Email Notification from BIDS
The BIDS system is designed to send a notification email to submitters when a decision is made on their submissions. Recent changes to email spam filters have caused a number of these notifications to be deleted by the submitter's email system before they reached their email box. Please remember that these emails are a courtesy and that all submitters are required to check the status of their submissions by intermittently logging into the system and clicking the "Past Submissions" link in the Submitter Tools panel found on the left-hand side of the BIDS Submitter homepage, or click "Check My Current Proposals" on the Submitter Dashboard.

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